I love ancient history. I grew up listening to my Mom teach me about ancient Egypt (a topic she absolutely loves) its mythologies, the Pharoahs, their great works and so on. She had these nice picture books with all sorts of awesome archeological pictures. I was mystified. Fast forward a few years and I find myself making a career out of it. 

Here I share a little about my journey to Harappa where I was mystified all over again. 

and met this fellow along the way just picking through this tree like it’s nobody’s business. 

Here is a section of the ancient fortification wall that used to surround the ancient city.. 

 I found these posted along the gates of the museum. They summarize some of the findings belonging to the Indus Valley Civilization

It is one thing to read about ancient sites in textbooks, another to see them through documentaries and such but it is on an entirely different level to experience it in person.

I’ve never been to an archeological site before so the feeling of walking through a place where people once thrived many thousands of years ago left me speechless.