Video games are perhaps one of the best stress relievers out there. They are in the same vein of thought that books allow readers to claim that they are able to live many adventures and lives through their material. I can just think of some of the series I hold dear and relate. The Legend of Zelda, Metroid, Mario, (to name a few series)

On November 11th, Nintendo released a little bit of nostalgia that carrys the sincerest possibility of warming your heart this holiday season. Except it is sold out. Everywhere. What is going on with the Nintendo Nes Classic? Why is it so terribly hard to come by? 

Okay, I get it that these games are totally accessible through various platforms from pc/mac emulation, android emulation, retro freak (via your cartridges, or roms on an sd card) and that the Classic isn’t exactly ideal since you can’t ever update the system with new games (no sd slot) and so on and so forth but the idea that Nintendo officially released a little miniature of their iconic console preloaded with 30 of its games on it for $60 is pretty awesome. It’s a shame that for whatever reason there are just so few that are going around. It’s a shame that the major official retailers that Nintendo advertises are supposed have the product actually don’t. Online stock at Amazon (official stock) Best Buy, The Source, ToysRus, Walmart, etc… are all listed “Out of Stock” and this goes for  in store stock too. 

I wish Nintendo had an official online store (properly stocked) from where customers could order the Nes Classic.

Nintendo has brutally fallen short on its promise to deliver a consistent supply of Nes Classics throughout the holiday season (Black Friday just did not happen for the Classic) and its starting to feel incredibly disappointing that they cannot deliver on their promise. What is the excuse?

 If Nintendo is offering the system at $60 then why should I be urged to pay upwards of $250.00 to scalpers on Amazon and EBay? In 2016 this honestly should not be a problem.
Come on Nintendo…