Academia is a very troublesome place to be  right now. It used to be a centre where ideas of all flavours could be found and freely discussed—from the left to the right and everything in between. 

But ever since the Ivory tower has been plagued by a group of self righteous bigots called “Social Justice Warriors” stamping around trying to police everyone into obeying  them all of that has changed. 

Academia is no longer a crucible of ideas. It has degeneterared into a totalitarian regime hell bent on steamrolling any and all who stand outside the purview of what is deemed correct. 

“Social Justice” is an concept for the absolutely mad and if this view is denied in front of a supporter or if one challenges a supporter of it by trying to engage in fair objective debate then it’s likely to devolve into the challenger being pigeonholed into some ludicrous category like bigot, facist, nazi, or racist.