Following a tantalizing reading assigned for the week I once asked a rather successful professor about their opinion on keeping a blog. I asked eagerly with the hopes that perhaps they would have some advice I could carry with me into writing.

Instead they said it was a waste of time. While expression is certainly valuable they figured it was more advantageous to dedicate that time to applying oneself into crafting ‘stellar’ papers and getting published.

The idea of being published is awesome but is it really more valueable than ultimately being able to express yourself? 

Granted that I have been pretty lazy these days in terms of blog posting, but nevertheless the inherent values of keeping a blog—whether it is read by many, a few, or none at all are still very much apparent to me. 

Blogging for me is a means to organize all of the mental clutter in my head. It allows me to channel the more strenuous feelings I’m having into something productive. It improves my writing ability. It helps me think more clearly.  

How is that a waste of time?

All around I cannot think of a single con that keeping a blog might have. Maybe others can.