What happens when a close parent-child relationship begins to break?

When the child grows up and reaches the point in life where the painful realization dawns on them that their parent, their hero, knows as much, or potentially less than them what happens? What happens when that parent is over protective and cannot see the adult before their eyes? What happens when they cannot let go?

Confusion, and frustration happens in most cases. The relationship stagnates because one party refuses to recognizes the changes occurring in the other for whatever reason (arrogance, greed, pride, etc…) often the parent towards the child. It is denial.

It is a bittersweet realization for both the parent and the child to come to. On the one hand it should be a joyous time to recognize that the child has come into their own and no longer needs their parent. On the other hand it is sad because it signifies the end of the magic that made that parent a paragon to the child.

Certain questions inevitably surface. Should the child be understanding? Should they be demanding? Should they just abandon that which no longer works for them? Is it in the best interest of the relationship to put distance between each other?

All of these are profoundly difficult questions that tax the patience to no end.