A Quick Three Card Draw

You may find yourself at an impasse regarding what to do next. It isn’t for nothing that life has brought you to this standstill. You want what you want, and there is no convincing you otherwise. People may try to dissuade you, and it may work for a short time, but you will always return to envisioning the object of your desire. Are there some loose ends that still need to be tied up? You don’t want ghosts from your past coming back to haunt you later on down the road. Turn inwards to your dreams, and write them down. Your subconscious is trying to tell you something that your waking mind cannot quite yet understand. You are kind, tolerant, patient, and insatiably sensual. Use these qualities to your advantage in the coming days, and it will surely speed along the coming of your desire.

Friday, August 13th, 2021

“A sacred pride should grip us of not being satisfied with the mediocre but to strive with the exertion of all our strength to attain the highest.” — Giovanni Pico della Mirandola

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