Your Truth Alone Prevails

There may be good reasons to don a mask that hides your true identity in society. We must protect ourselves from the scathing scrutiny of the world, right? There’s little worse than being condemned, or silenced for simply being yourself. Don’t ever question the mainstream narrative, or else. This is death to the critical thinker. Don’t ever question faith, or religion, or else. This is death to the spiritualist. Don’t ever express yourself to your most eccentric capacity, or else. This is death to the artist. Don’t think so much. Don’t question. Just be as you’re told to be. Isn’t that what makes you a good member of society? In order to play along, and not draw too much unwanted attention you choose a mask and hide behind it, and then you can play the social game with relative ease.

The longer a mask is worn the more difficult it becomes to separate the persona from your true face. The lie that the mask projects erodes your inner being. Everything that makes you unique slowly dies. Eventually the lie of the persona becomes truth, and then your corruption is complete. There is no going back. Back to what? By that point your true identity is nothing but a withered husk incapable of shining it’s God given light to the world. The emotionally bankrupt among us are positively thrilled at this prospect, because there’s nothing left of you to outshine them. How dangerous a prospect, indeed. Be wary of conforming to what others wish you to be. Be wary of wearing your mask for too long.

“Wearing a mask wears you out. Faking it is fatiguing. The most exhausting activity is pretending to be what you know you aren’t.” — Rick Warren

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