In the Grip of Madness

It’s happened to the best of us. You’re having a swell day and everything seems to be going right, but then it happens. It could be at the grocery store, walking in the park, an innocent text message, at home, or virtually anywhere. It isn’t immediately obvious that this it’s happening, but before too long comes the realization that you aren’t feeling as hot as a moment ago. You brush it off as being coincidence, but the longer you interact the more drained you feel. Eventually what was slated to be an awesome day becomes gloomy and exhausting. What the hell happened?

You’ve likely just encountered an energetic vampire. They have a deep wound that has never quite healed. Nature abhors a vacuum so it’s said, and someone with a wound in the fabric of their being is left with such a vacuum. They naturally look for people and situations to siphon energy out of in a vain effort to heal. Yet, until they address aspects of themselves subconsciously buried then there is little hope for healing. When you figure out that someone is an energetic vampire should you be blunt with them, and risk being disrespectful? Is it respectful that they outright steal energy from you? Should you try and be diplomatic? Can you be diplomatic with an energy vampire?

You cannot ever offer enough time and attention to help an energy vampire. It is never enough for them to be heard, understood, or supported. They want what they don’t have, which is your energy, and the price you pay for giving in is a such a severe theft of your energy it’s beyond criminal. Once is enough to feel the drain, but consistent encounters with them leave you husked and incapable of finding joy in life. Depression isn’t too far off from that point, and it is an extreme cause for concern.

No prayers, amulets, charms, or ritual magicks protect you either unless you have boundaries in place. There is little else so irritating as going through the ritualistic motions to ensure your protection only to have the vampire get through and suck you dry anyway. It is the ultimate undermining. It is the grip of madness. Perhaps it seems selfish to ostracize someone when the shoe fits for energetic vampirism, but consider that if you’re suffering stupidly then how can you be any good to those you care about? More importantly; how can you be good to yourself?Without boundaries, both physical and psychological, there is no hope to protect yourself from energy vampires.

“Brilliant in the dawn Lucifer had mounted high, the star that wakes the world to work… Lucifer revealed the shining day and caused the night to flee away.” — Ovid

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