A Word Against the Woke

A quick look into Academia reveals the extent to which the Humanities have been saturated with Deconstructionist (that is to say Marxist, or otherwise Hegelian dialectical, or ‘intellectual sophist’ as Schopenhauer would assert) rhetoric. The ‘woke’ were groomed through such rhetoric in the Humanities before becoming activists and preaching their pernicious ideology to those unsuspecting. Such ideology favors postmodern, or anti-reason based methods over anything rational or objective.

Seeded by the likes of Antonio Gramsci, and Herbert Marcuse, ‘woke’ utterly poisons every sphere that it touches. Corporations, universities, k-12 schools, medicine, infrastructure, religious institutions, art, drama, literature, video games, perception of public landmarks and more are infected with the ‘woke’ idea “pathogen,” to borrow from Gad Saad. ‘Woke’ denies the possibility of objectivity, rejects equality of opportunity, and places race at the center of all discussion. ‘Woke’ is fundamentally Marxist in design, threatens individual reason, and threatens to heave Western society into the savagery of tribalism.

Intellectual sophistry has pulled the wool over peoples’ eyes, and so long as there is no pushback then the ‘woke’ will continue to poison Western Society. The old ‘oppressor vs oppressed’ dichotomy first used in Marxism proper as ‘bourgeoisie vs proletariat,’ has been re-appropriated out of an economic lens and into a cultural lens thus rendering us with Cultural Marxism. The goal is to destabilize the sovereignty of the individual and place the collective at the forefront of affairs.

Be ye warned…

“There is nothing like looking, if you want to find something. You certainly usually find something, if you look, but it is not always quite the something you were after.” — J.R.R Tolkien

4 thoughts on “A Word Against the Woke

    1. If only Pandora knew the ‘woke’ then she might not have felt so bad about what she let out of her box!

      I like how James Lindsay describes them as being as wide as a Great Lake but as shallow as a mud puddle!

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